Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Satin Strangler

A female serial killer dubbed the Satin Strangler has been hard at work during the last few months, seducing and strangling as many as 12 men along the east coast of the United States.  Here are the details on three of her victims to whet your appetite:

Phillip Stewart was a bartender at the Peachtree Bistro in Atlanta.  He disappeared after closing on January 16th.  His body was found the next day in a nearby dumpster.  Autopsy reports confirmed the cause of death to be asphyxiation due to ligature strangulation.  Police have eliminated Stewart’s girlfriend and family members as suspects.

Preston Jones was a real estate agent murdered in Charleston, SC.  His wife found his body in their bedroom upon returning from a business trip on February 15th.  Multiple dark ligature marks varying in width were visible on the neck.  The coroner’s cause of death was asphyxiation due to ligature strangulation.

Grant Leighton, a physical trainer from Atlantic City, was last spotted at 3AM on March 2nd on a Garden State Parkway toll booth surveillance camera.  A woman sitting in the darkness of the passenger seat remains unidentified.  Two days later, fishermen further north along the Jersey Shore found Leighton’s body bundled inside an industrial sized garbage bag and wedged into an antique traveling trunk.  Ligature marks were found on his neck, wrists, and ankles.  Both forearms had been broken and both pinkies amputated.  The cause of death was asphyxiation due to strangulation.

Who is the Satin Strangler, and what is the secret to her seductive power?  Are there more bodies out there somewhere, and how many more victims will she lure in?

For now there are more questions than answers.  We’ll keep watching for news on the Satin Strangler because we’re Crazy 4 Crazies.


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