Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun With "ME2"

Enjoy your own simulated “ME2” avatar character but have a fondness for killing the rest? Impressed by the Satin Strangler but think you can do better?  Here it is.  Exactly what you’ve been looking for.  The Satin Strangler ME2 challenge.

This is an extension of the perfectly twisted and therefore popular Serial Killer Challenge.  Refer to the ME2 website for details on getting started.  You will need the Education, Business Accessories, After Hours, and Spare Time plug-ins.

Start by creating your Satin Strangler ME2.  Will she be the stylish courtroom defendant, or the crazed serial killer from the original artist drawings?  It’s up to you.  Load up on satin stockings through your favorite wardrobe and accessories site, and she’s ready for action.

In this case the modified torture chamber room and isolation chamber will have most of the same characteristics but will now be called the ME2 Satin Suite.  You’ll need another room for your stockings and any other weapons of choice.  Always keep all doors set to “Lock . . . Allow ME2 Owner Only.”

Lure neighbors and other men into the Satin Suite, and then lock the door.  Until there is a better strangling option, your victims will have to die on their own in the Satin Suite.  Leaving your stockings in the suite with them will constitute a kill for the final tally.  Trapping multiple victims at once gets bonus points, but having victims escape will cost you.  The big points come for a “nookie-kill” combo.

Avoid suspicious activity, and don’t leave any clues.  Stay away from community lots, where the police are snooping around for clues to the murders and posting sketches of the suspect.  Leaving any stockings around the house or outside will surely alert the police to the trail, so be careful.


+2 for each general character killed
+5 for each neighbor killed


+2 for each new victim if multiple victims are already trapped
+10 if the victim is a best friend
+15 if the victim was the killer’s crush
+25 if your ME2 can “nookie” with the victim before killing him


-2 for each neighbor who declines an invitation to come over
-5 for each victim you fail to trap
-5 for each victim that escapes
-5 if a romance flops
-20 if your killer has a baby
-25 if stockings are left outside where they can be found
-50 and out of the contest if your killer dies of anything other than old age

Good luck, may the best strangler win, and may you all forever remain Crazy 4 Crazies.


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