Friday, July 1, 2011

Serial Killer Bedtime Stories: Erszebet Bathory

By popular demand, we are going to tell you some more about Erszebet Bathory, the Blood Countess, in tonight's serial killer bedtime story.

A Sixteenth Century Hungarian Countess, Erszebet enjoyed bathing in blood. This deviant fawn of royalty believed that regular blood baths would halt the aging process. Estimates of the number of girls that were slaughtered for her 10 years of beauty treatments vary from 40 to as much as 600.

The bloody Countess, the widow of a celebrated Hungarian war hero and descendent of the legendary despot Vlad the Impaler, led a life immersed in black magic and sadism. She once had the mouth of a servant sewn shut for being too noisy. In January 1611, after countless rumors about her behavior, a group led by Count Thurzo - Erzsebet's cousin - entered her Castle Csejthe and uncovered a blood-letting in progress.

In order to protect the family name, at the Count's insistence, Erzsebet was never actually "charged" with any crime, although he did have her put under "house arrest." In fact, her royal highness was literally sealed into her tower by masons. The consulate agreed largely because the government had a huge debt it would have had to pay off should they charge her.

Two of her accomplices in her orgies of horror had their fingers removed before being thrown on the fire. Another - the only male - was beheaded then thrown on the fire. The countess died on August 21, 1614, three years after she was sealed in her bedroom. Perhaps her elixir of youth had been working all along.

Sweet dreams, and may you forever remain Crazy 4 Crazies.

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