Friday, March 16, 2012

Satin Strangler Stockings in Crime Museum?

Rumors are again flying about the stockings thought to be the murder weapons of Destiny Blande, widely presumed to be the Satin Strangler. Three pairs of stockings, which may have been used to kill more than 100 men, originally sold on eBay on the eve of the highly publicized Satin Strangler trial in March of 2009. They have since sold for greater than $2 million through auctions, and subsequently for undisclosed but presumably significantly greater amounts in private transactions.

The whereabouts of the stockings have been unknown for the last year, but insiders close to the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, DC, indicate that they may appear in the museum later this year.

The museum received a lot of press and murderobelia notoriety for their unveiling ceremony for Ted Bundy's Beetle two years ago. The museum, which also houses clown and serial killer John Wayne Gacy's painter's box, is in Murderobilia competition with the nearby Newseum, which has the D.C. snipers' car. The snipers' car is, of course, only a mock-up, used at trial, not the actual vehicle from which John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo hunted their victims. The National Museum of Crime & Punishment, AKA Crime Museum, would take a commanding lead over the Newseum if they could, in fact, score the murder weapons of the hottest female serial killer of our time. There is probably no better time to be Crazy 4 Crazy.

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