Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friend a Serial Killer

With the arrest of Luka Rocco Magnotta, the 29-year-old suspected man-eating porn star, your chances to friend him on FaceBook may be slipping away. On May 29th, a mysterious package containing a severed foot arrived at the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottowa, Ontario. A similar package with a human hand was found at the Ottowa post office later that day.

Tracking the packages back to Montreal, Quebec, police found a suitcase behind an apartment that contained a human torso. The suspect linked to the mailings, Luka Rocco Magnotta, a.k.a. Eric Clinton Newman, a.k.a. Vladimir Romanov, lived in the apartment complex. Magnotta had previously proven that he had some "issues" when he was connected to animal torture videos. Authorities later linked those videos to another video routing on the internet revealing a man being stabbed to death with an ice pick and then didmembered. The muderer then performed acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. The video is believed by police to have been recorded in Magnotta's apartment on May 24th or 25th, and Magnotta has been positively identified as the murderer. The victim was student Jun Lin, who had been dating Magnotta, and whose body parts were mailed across Canada.

Magnotta was arrested Monday in Berlin, Germany, and will be facing murder charges. Authorities suspect that Magnotta has killed others and are looking for links to other crimes, including the notorious Hollywood Sign Murder. Here is some proof that we are all Crazy 4 Crazies.

1. After the report of the murder video, Magnotta was friended by tens of thousands of adoring fans, many of them Crazy 4 Crazies readers I would like to think.

2. The Montreal Gazette printed a photograph of Magnotta drinking a Labatt Blue beer. Labatt made the mistake of demanding that they remove the photograph from their website. A Twitter hashtag, #newlabattcampaign, exploded, bringing to the world an ever growing collection of new taglines for the beer's future ad campaigns.

3. We have received hundreds of emails from fans of suspected Satin Strangler, Destiny Blande, asking us not to overpublicize this story for fear that it will distract attantion away from her news story.

As one of the campaigns says, "stay bloodthirsty, my friends," and may you forever remain Crazy 4 Crazies.

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