Thursday, November 5, 2009

Serial Killer Fun for Kids of All Ages

Tired of buying Barbies, American Girls, and Polly Pockets? Want to give your kids something a little different for their next birthday or holiday? Here are a couple of ideas that even I think might perhaps be over the top. Well, maybe just a little. Perhaps.

The Peek-a-boo Jeffrey Dahmer Slayset

This Jeffrey Dahmer doll is made by Demented Dollz company and sold complete with dismembered victims, toothpicks, and a handy dandy hazardous waste disposal tin (never know when you’re going to need one). Zip open Jeffrey’s orange prison jump suit to reveal Cleotus, an anonymous dismembered victim who can be removed from Dahmer’s stomach and reattached. The quote on the package says “Open me up for a sure delight, and see who I ate for dinner last night.” Yum.

The hazardous waste disposable tin is loaded with body parts, some skewered with toothpicks, and others that glow in the dark. “Body parts vary from set to set depending on morgue availability.”

It’s “a 2 foot tall cannibal collector’s dream.”

Satin Strangler Seduction and Destruction Doll

Move over American Girls. Here comes a doll like no other that you’ve seen before. It’s your own actual size Destiny Blande, complete with an assortment of stockings, veils, and scarves, plus a bonus knife holster garter belt for good measure.

Pull the string in her back and she talks to you. What will she say? “Let’s go someplace where we can be alone . . . Let’s tie each other up, okay? You first . . . I’ll take your breath away.”

Other accessories are sold separately. Who wouldn’t want the Satin Strangler’s favorite traveling trunk? Wrap your other dolls in her satin stockings and put them inside. See how long it takes your police dolls to find them.

If you’re Crazy 4 Crazies, hurry and get these two dolls and add them to your Serial Killer collection. Limited production has made them a rare find and immediate collectors’ items.


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