Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Join Me in Beautiful Sea View

I have become an enormous fan of the Satin Strangler, and am finally planning a pilgrimage to Sea View, NJ. As with any trip, I researched the location to learn about the biggest tourist attractions. It came as no surprise when I stumbled across this ad last night on the Sea View Chamber of Congress website:

Visit the historic beach town of Sea View, selected by Time magazine as one of America’s Safest Cities. Come see:
The boardwalk where the Satin Strangler stalked her victims
The streets where the police hunt took place
The Oceanview Motel where she was captured
The boutique where she bought her stockings
The police station where she was arrested
The courtroom where she was arraigned
The most beautiful beach in New Jersey
Experience it all by foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage
Ocean vista tours by day
Murder re-enactment tours at night (adults only please)
Sponsored by Mayor Winston Mayfield and the Sea View Chamber of Commerce
It pleases me to know that Sea View is embracing this tourism opportunity, rather than shunning it. Serial murder is not only a favorite pastime of numerous Crazy 4 Crazies, but it is also a successful industry, maybe the only one that can revive a dead little town like Sea View.


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